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Willard Albert (Al) Meservy

1944 Mount Clemens MI Birthday, 3 months, 6 months

1945 Michigan 1 year Sheila (older Sister), Al, Lou (Al's Mom)

1952 Philadelphia PA

1953 Delaware

1958 St Petersburg FL

1960 Just before he joined the Air force

1961 US Air force

1963 US Air force

1965 US Navy

1970 In Michigan on his way to RI

1973 US Navy with his Uncle Bob

1978 US Navy Yugoslavia

1980 Livingston TX living on the lake (no telephones) watching deer go through our yard to drink

1981 Manville TX

1982 church party

1987 Clear Lake Houston TX

1991 Birthday # 47

1993 Wichita KS trying a beard one more time

1998 Wichita KS

1999 Cedar Creek IA National Park (Management school @ Rockwell/Collins)

2000 Coppel TX

2002 Gun Barrel City TX

2003 Livingston TX

2004 Brandon MS

2005 Brandon MS Itís a diet Ice Cream LOL

2007 Brandon MS