Stephanie is a people person. She has a special knack for telling stories (things that really happen). She can tell you about something bad that happened and have you laughing so hard you canít catch your breath. She is my "bubbling sunshine."

Stephi in the Red Bud Tree (Dusty got his tree fascination from his Mom.) 1969

I donít have every year pictures for Stephi because her house was hit by a tornado and she lost all her pictures. I went through my pictures and gave a lot of them to her. May 1999

Their house after the tornado

Behind their house after the tornado

Stephi & birds I received this picture from Stephi when they lived in Lubbock, TX. On the back it says "I had PMS and a gun and they came in my yard." (She did not shoot the birds. Someone else did. They just cleaned and ate them.) 2003

I had not seen Stephi in over a year. We could not go to Lubbock and she could not afford to come to our house. David flew her from Lubbock to Houston and brought her to our house as a birthday present for me. One of the few times they surprized me.

Age 2 weeks 1966 Beaumont TX

9 month old 1967 Norfolk VA

1st Birthday 1967 Norfolk VA

Christmas our little Mom 1967 Norfolk VA

2nd Birthday 1968 Denver CO

Buna TX 1970

Quonset Point RI 1971

1972 Quonset Point RI

Newport RI 1973

Nederland TX 1974

Pearland TX 1980

Homecoming 1980

Pearland TX 1981

Alvin TX 1984

Prom 1984

Graduation 1984

Clear Lake Area of Houston 1987

Expecting Christopher 1988

Waitress Wichita KS 1991

1992 San Jacinto Monument Houston TX

Wichita KS 1998

Halloween Wichita KS 1999

With daughter 2000 Lubbock TX

Birthday 2002 Dallas Area TX

Birthday 2003 Dallas Area TX