David is my miracle baby. All the odds were against him ever being born must less being healthy and smart. He wasnít as funny as Stephi but he has a good sense of humor. He accepted Jesus when he was 10 years old and it showed when he hit his teens. He did not have the run of the mill problems a normal teen has. I never had to worry about him. I call him "my blessing."

When David was in 9th grade (1983), he had a computer science project. He told me about it 3 months before it was due but at that time did not know what he was going to do. Sometime during the 3rd month I asked him what he decided to do and how long did he have before he turned it in. He told me he was going to create the world and populate it. He had not started it yet but he had 7 days to get it done. I reminded him it took God 6 days to create the earth and populate it. He said he could do it. On the 7th day he came in and confessed that he had a problem. "My people donít talk right." I told him, "You are in good company because Godís people donít talk right either." He got an A.

David was in choir from 1980 Ė 1986. He won state awards every year.

Pearland Choir 1980

Pearland Choir 1981

Al and David took their vacations at the same time so they could take a Father/Son cruise from Galveston to Corpus Christy TX in 1987. They were supposed to have good weather all the way. They left on our 24 foot sloop (Laguna 24) early Friday Morning. When they were too far out in the Gulf of Mexico to turn back and storm hit. They did not get any rest for most of the night. About daybreak a small bird landed on Davidís Leg. He was huffing and puffing and exhausted from flying in the storm. He stayed on the boat until they were almost in port in Corpus.

Bird haven in a Storm 1987

Alís brother came to Dallas to visit us from Maryland. Dave came over to see him while he was there. Turned out that they liked the same kind of music. Bruce got out his Guitar and they entertained us.

David and Bruce 2002

2 months old 1968

9 months old 1969

1 year old 1969

age 2 1970 Buna TX

age 8 1976 Beaumont, TX

age 9 1977 VA Beach, VA

age 10 1978 Nederland, TX

age 11 1979 Livingston, TX

age 12 1980 Pearland TX

Age 13 1981 Pearland TX

Age 14 1982 Alvin TX

Age 15 1983 Alvin TX

Age 16 homecoming Alvin TX 1984

Age 18 1985 Senior

Graduation 1986

Graduation party 1986 Houston TX

Long time friend Johnny 1992

Birthday Wichita KS 2000

Birthday Medieval Times 2001 Dallas TX