Dusty Growing up (He got the English looks from Al’s side of the family. He looks like Al & his Mom but has his Dad’s nose. He is the clown in the family. He has a special gift of making people laugh. He is laid back and easy going.)

Christopher Growing up (He got the Irish looks from my side of the family. He looks like me. He is bossy & serious. He is too smart for his own good sometimes. He is a hard worker so long as he gets paid.)

Ambre’ Growing up (She has all the French looks from Darryl & the Meservy side of the family. She is a mix of her Mom & Dad. She is a little bossy and a little funny and does not take any crap from the boys. Having 2 older brothers has made her tough.)

Jessica Growing up (She has the German looks from her Mom’s family. She looks like her Mom. She is easy going & loves to please her Mom. Until this year she was home schooled. She loves public school because she is a people person.)

Group Sometimes we had all our grandchildren at the same time. And some times we received pictures in the mail.

After Dusty’s 2nd birthday, Stephi called me once a week for about a year and apologized for something she did when she was a child.

Al got a bench job repairing radar at Rockwell/Collins in Wichita KS. We Moved to KS in April 1990 when Dusty was 2 years old and Chris was 1 year old. After we loaded the moving truck, Dusty came and sat down beside Al on the steps and said, "Don’t go Pa Pa." Al almost unloaded the truck.

Dusty Helping Grandma clean to move/giving Chris a ride April 1990

In 1990 I think we went to Houston and back every two months. We missed our children and grandchildren too much. In 1991 we went back 4 times and after than I was working and we only went about twice a year.

I made Dusty & Christopher clown pajamas that could be used as costumes. 1991

I 35 from KS to TX has a lot of beautiful scenery. One is the Ar buckle Mountains half way from Ok City to TX just south of Paul’s Valley OK. Our favorite Place to eat along the way was Sooner’s Corner. They have the best Chicken Fried Steak in the country. We usually stopped there for supper on the way home from Houston.

OK Scenery

In May 1990 Stephi had to have a caesarian section. Al & I went and picked up Christopher & Dusty and took them to KS with us. On the way, we stopped in the mountains. Al and I put our grandsons on the side of the mountain (about 2-4 feet up) and I lay down on the ground and took their picture. It looks like they are really high up on the mountain. We did it to freak their parents out. You know – get even for all the times they scared us to death. It worked. We didn’t make them suffer long before we told them how we got the picture.

Dusty & Christopher climbing Arbuckle Mountains May 1990

Ambre’ was born in May 1990. When Ambre’ was about 2 weeks old, we took the boys home to meet their new sister. We stopped in Dallas on the way and let the boys see their other grandparents.

Dusty & Chris Dallas

Ambre’ New sister – Houston

The first of June beginning in the 1991 we made a trip from Wichita KS to Houston TX to pick up our grandchildren and take them home with us. They would stay until they got homesick and we would take them home or their parents would come and retrieve them. Sometimes they stayed two weeks and a few times for a whole month.

One year when they came up and I was taking lots of pictures. Dusty came over and said "Grandma do you like to blind little kids?" I took fewer pictures. 1991

In June 1991 Dusty (age 3) wanted to go home with us but Chris didn’t want to. Dusty got homesick for his little brother after about a week. Stephi, Chris (age 2) & Ambre’ (age 1) were at the other grandparents’ home in Dallas. Jim put them in his car and met Al half way in Ardmore OK. Stephi and the kids stayed about 3 more weeks. Darryl came and got them.

We put bunk beds in the basement for the boys and Stephi and Ambre’ slept on the hid-a-bed sofa upstairs. I would go down each night and scratch the boy’s backs and sing a lullaby to them. One night Dusty’s back was extra itchy I guess. He said, "scratch it harder Grandma." I told him it would take his skin off if I scratched it harder. He started yelling over & over at the top of his lungs, "Take it off Grandma – take it all off Grandma." Stephi came running down the stairs. All I could do was laugh.

At night to calm the kids down I would sit with them and either read them a book or make up a story for them. Ambre and Dusty loved to play make believe but Chris has an extremely hi IQ and is a more serious minded person. I would get half way into a story and Chris would say, "Uh Uh Grandma." I’d have to explain that it was make believe and it was fun to pretend. He’d say, "Oh Tay Grandma" and we would continue. One time I bent over to do something and they saw the scar on my spine and wanted to know about it. I showed them the one just under my belly button on the other side. I told them I got in a sword fight and got cut in half. They said, "WOW." They were only home a few hours when Stephi called and said, "Mother what have you been telling my children?" Evidently if you have a scar to prove it, they believe every word you say (even Christopher).

Grandchildren are so forgiving. I would sing to my children when they were little and they would laugh. When I sing to my grandchildren, they say, "Sing it again Grandma." I wrote a lullaby for them. They named it "Angels."

In early June 1991 they were (ages 3, 2 & 1) playing in the kiddy pool in our back yard. It was supposed to be cloudy that day. The sun went behind a cloud and they got too cold. I told them to ask Jesus to move the cloud from the sun so they could get warm. They prayed and then started yelling "Thank you Jesus" over and over when the cloud moved a minute later. It did not cloud up until they went inside for the day. It was just a little faith builder.

Sunshine taken right after they prayed for sunshine

All three children were in KS in June of 1992. Christopher’s favorite toy was his Lego set. He loved to build things and he had about 200 legos. Ambre’ (age 1) nabbed a small Lego (half size) and ran with it. Chris (age 2) was close behind yelling, "Gimme back my Lego." All of a sudden Ambre’ turned facing her brother and said matter of factly, "My Lego" as she threw it in her mouth and swallowed it. Chris got a stunned look on his face and said, "Yes it is!"

Chris & Dusty right after Ambre’ ate the Lego

Ambre’ right after she ate his Lego

Our grandchildren learned to smile for a picture or Grandma would tickle them until they did. That worked till they hit their teens. Al got a picture of me just as I was about to tickle Dusty’s foot.

Dusty Grandma tickler

Dusty See it works

In 1996 it was hard to tell if our grandchildren were monkeys in trees or mountain goats or water guppies. We picked them up in Houston and when we stopped for a break in the long ride they were in the trees. We stopped at Turner Falls and they climbed the mountain. When we got to KS they lived in the pool. A trip to the zoo was always in order. There was a bird at the top of some rocks in the bird section. Dusty decided he was a statue and not real because he never moved. He climbed the rocks and when he was about six inches from the bird, it turned and hissed at him. I did not get the hiss shot but I got the recoil. I don’t think I have ever seen Dusty move so fast before or sense. They were ages 6, 7 & 8 that year.

Ambre’ Swinging on a limb

Chris at the top of the tree

Dusty walking on a limb

Ambre’ coming down the mountain

Chris coming down the trail

All Three In cave where Jesse James hid out when he was on the run.

Dusty on a ledge I did not lay down to take these pics. I was on a ledge below them. It was a shallow climb.

All three Ambre’ got wet and later they all did.

All three In the pool

All three At the zoo

Dusty and bird that hissed at him.