Frances Mabel McCrory

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Duck & Dutchess Frances McCrory & Jerry Clark Homecoming 1955

Flower in a play Buna 1956

Cousins 1958

Escort in Ms Buna pagent is Ralph 1959

Fran Ms Buna pagent 1959

Top ten in Ms Buna Pagent 1959

Buna TX rare snowfall at our house 1960

Flirt from the East in "Meet Me In St. Louis" Sr play 1962

Fran & Ronny King & Queen of Sweetheart Banquet 1962

Galveston Sr Trip 1962

Sr Graduating Class 1962 BHS

Port Arthur College 1963

Port Arthur College Dorm 1963

College outing 1963

First job in Beaumont TX 1974

38th year reunion 2000 BHS

Accountants from Formosa teaching Fran (with Ike) to use chopsticks

Cousins 2002