Background picture taken by Al Meservy of the USS Independence Norfolk VA 1977 (Fran Meservy & her Mom Sue Robeson center front)

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Sailing Pictures

Al Meservy US Navy 1965

USS John King DDG 3 Norfolk VA 1966–1968

USS Middlesex County LST 983 Panama Canal Panama There are no pictures of the Middlesex county so I used a picture of her sister ship (they look just alike). 1968-1969

Al promoted at the end of PMEL school on AF base in Denver CO just before pulling shore duty in Viet Nam. 1969

USS John F. Kennedy CV 67 Norfolk, VA Where Al met Jesus the week before Easter 1978. 1976-1978

ET1 Willard Albert Meservy US Navy visiting Yugoslavia 1978 (the first American ship allowed in her port since WW II)

Narragansett Bay RI Stephanie & David Meservy Sailing. 1974

Cuttyhunk Harbor MA 1974

North Atlantic Cuttyhunk Harbor 1974

North Atlantic heading toward the Elizabeth Islands on Columbia 26 (Chartered out of Newport RI. 1974

North Atlantic Island fishing village 1974

Morgan out island 41 chartered out of Clearwater FL to go island hopping through the Florida Keys on the Gulf of Mexico side. 1977

Dingy with Stephanie, David & Al Meservy anchored in a bay with Crystal clear water watching the Tarpon were spawn. 1977

David Meservy getting water to swab the decks. 1977

David Meservy doing homework in the aft cabin. 1977

Stephanie Meservy just finished her homework in dinning area of main cabin. 1977

Stephanie Meservy in V birth bunk bed in bow cabin. 1977

Fran Meservy in the galley Keys FL 1977

Al & Fran sailing Galveston Bay Clear Lake (Houston) TX 1987

David Meservy Spinnaker flying in Galveston Bay TX 1988

Dusty Roberts ten months old in Clear Lake (Houston) TX. He proves sailing is easy. 1988

David Meservy after long sail (from Galveston via Gulf of Mexico) into Corpus Christi TX. He was a haven in the storm for the bird (he landed gasping for breath during the storm). 1989

Laguna 24 our favorite toy Clear Lake, Galveston Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Bayou in Galveston & Corpus Christi Bay 1987-1989

Interior of Laguna 24 great for overnight

 Hobie cat 14 catamaran Grapevine Lake in the Dallas TX area 2000

Venture 21 Cedar Creek Lake area Gun Barrel City TX 2001

Hunter 18 Lake Livingston, Livingston, TX 2003

McGregor 19 Ross Barnett Reservoir Brandon, MS 2003

Holder 17 Ross Barnett Reservoir Brandon MS 2005