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Provence of Quebec:


Upon entering the Provence of Quebec we found that we actually knew enough French to read and understand the road signs. We got most of our supplies at the campground store in Montreal because they spoke and understood English. We did venture into a few grocery stores and managed to comunicate through gestures etc. Sometimes it was quite halirous. In one store the clerk and I laughed so hard we could not talk at all. That one was to get directions.

We arrived in Motntreal when the fall colors were breathtaking. 1999

Fall Colors


We visited Quebec City and toured the Ile d'Orleans. It was made up as a mixture of a farming and fishing community. It was a lovely island and we got to see some of the local culture. I love the way the churches catered to the needs of the community. 1999

Montmorency Falls in Quebec City

House on Ile d'Orleans

Church on Ile d'Orleans

Behind Church on d'Orleans

Beside the Church on d'Orleans

Town area on d'Orleans


Going from the USA into Ontario was an eye opener. We could not tell the difference. Had there not been a border check point we would not have known we left the USA except for the prices. The prices were lower for hotels and almost everything (except gas - fill up before you leave the states) else. We really enjoyed our visit there. 1993

Niagra Falls