I am scanning pictures in, cleaning them up or repairing them as needed (had a house fire in 1977) & picking the best to put on this site. Come back often. New stuff goes up weekly. See below for list of States and pictures already added.

Home is wherever we are because so long as we're together that's where our hearts are. Fran

United States of America:



Colorado (lived in Denver Feb1969-Sept 1969 US Navy)



Florida (lived in Pensacola Aug 1955-Nov 1955 Mom thought we would like to live there after Dad died. She did not like it.)



Illinois (lived in North Chicago July 1965-Feb 1966 US Navy)



Kansas (lived in Wichita April 1990-Sept 2000 Al worked for Rockwell/Collins & I was doing property management)







Mississippi (lived in Brandon March 2004-Present Al worked for L3 and retired in 2005)


New Hampshire

New Jersey

New Mexico

New York

North Carolina




Rhode Island (lived in Quonset Point 1970-1972 & Newprot 1972-1974 US Navy)

South Carolina


Texas (Sept 1969-Jan 1971 (Al was In Viet Nam-shore duty US Navy),

Lumberton May 1975-Nov 1976 (Al worked as a Rathion Radar Tec),

Nederland Aug 1978-Feb 1979 (Al Managed an Avionics shop),

Pearland Sept 1980-April 1981 (Al was a Radar Tec at Houston Beechcraft),

Manvel April 1981-April 1982 (Al was Gulf Coast Service Manager for Krupp Atlas Radar),

Alvin April 1982-April 1984 (Al worked as a Radar Tec Houston Beechcraft & interum Bi-vocational Pastor of a Baptist Church),

Houston April 1984-1990 (Al managed an Avionics repair shop & I worked for Houston Beechcraft, West Houston Aeromotive at West Houston Airport & Rockwell Space),

Coppell Sept 2000-Oct 2001 (Al worked for Rockwell/Collins),

Gun Barrell City Oct 2001-Aug 2003 (Rockwell/Collins-early retirement because of 9-11 and then the part time job went away),

Livingston Aug 1974-May 1975 (owned our own TV shop) & Feb 1979-Sept 1980 (Worked for Lang's TV shop) & Aug 2003-March 2004 (looking for a job)

These are all places we lived in between Al's military service. He was in the Airforce from 1961-1964. He got out because rank was frozen. He joined the Navy in 1965. He got out in 1974 because my military Dr. said I would be in a wheelchair if we stayed another wenter in Rhode Island and they would not transfer him elsewhere. He went back in 1976. He got back out in 1978 after he accepted Jesus/he realized he was going to miss our children's growing up. After 15 years in the military, it was hard to find his Glitch in the civilian world.

We rented a lot of houses after Al got out of the Navy and the Landlords kept selling them out from under us. We owned houses in Lumberton, Nederland & Houston. We also owned 3 different Manufactured homes - One from 1966-1974/Norfolk to Rhode Island, one from 1992-1996 in Wichita & the last one from 1996-2003/Wichita - Gun Barrel City (the last one we also owned the lot from 2001-2003). We basically decided if we had to move a lot we should buy a house on wheels. Now we're in a nice duplex and the owner mows the lawn. We love it here. If we purchase another home, we are thinking about a Motor Home - just crank it up and go.

Virginia (Norfolk July 1966-Feb 1969 (US Navy), VA Beach/Oceana Nov 1976-Aug 1978 (US Navy)


West Virginia




Going to Mexico was a lesson in prospective for us. We went from San Antonio (one of the most beautiful towns in TX) to Lorado. When we arrived in Lorado, I thought that was the worst looking town I had ever seen. We crossed over into Nuevo Lorado and did a little sight seeing and a little shopping. When we crossed back into Lorado, I was amazed at how beautiful Lorado was after only a few hours. I have no problem understanding why people in Mexico want to live in the USA.

Nuevo Lorado