Same Tornado that distroyed part of McConnell Airforce Base in 1990. We had moved to Wichita about one month previous.This was a force 5 tornado. I did not take this picture. It was on the news. I taped the news and Al used a snap-it program to make a still picture. During the time we were there, I spent at least 5 times (about 30 minutes to an hour) per year in the basement waiting for the all clear sirens. Lived there from April 1990-Sept 2000 with visits afterward to visit friends.

Dodge City KS 1999 (We took my Mom as a Mother's day present to her - we camped our in our fifth-wheel at the Matt Dillon Campground)

Locomotive History


Train Station

Boarding train

Buffalo Soldiers

Chuck Wagon

Chuck Wagon

Long Branch Saloon (Bar Area)

Long Branch Saloon

Mom and Deputy

Newspaper Press


Painting of Wyatt Earp

Plow like my Daddy used on our farm




Rockertry Club (We did not belong to the club but it was fun to watch - we camped our in our fifth-wheel in the hay field where they shot off the rockets)

Blast off

Father & Sons

Rocket on trailer



Redstone explosion

Transporting Rocket

Our Camper

Wichita (We lived in Wichita for 10 years)

2002 (Christmas trip from Dallas to Wichita & North to Hutchenson to visit friends)

Arkansas River

Winter Wonderland

Ice and Snow North of Wichita